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We are always looking for new representatives. Have a geographic or topic area you’d like to report on? Let us know!


California:  Penny Morgan

Canada:  Judith and Jonathan Wouk

Cancun: Erick Sommet

China: Yue Wang

China:  Niny Khor

Egypt:  Ana Masry

England:  Jason deCaires Taylor

Europe:   Klaus Dobbler

France:  Srdan Randic

Louisiana: Gail Fendley

Mexico:  Adrian Nava

New York:  Andrew Fulmer

North Carolina: Rita Shelton

Pakistan: Aly Jafferani

Rome: TBA

Sweden:  Daniel Enochsson

Turkmenistan:  Shan Shi

Uruguay: Cory and Nicholas Giacobbe


Expanding List of International Organization Partners:

Instituto Nacional de Pesca (Mexico)
Comision Nacional de Areas Naturales Protegidas (Mexico)

Universidad del Caribe (Mexico)
The George Washington University (USA)
University of North Carolina (USA)

Michelle’s Earth Foundation (USA)

Underwater Art Museum MUSA (Mexico)
University of Auckland (New Zealand)
Sydney Stage Combat School (Australia)
World Forum for Acoustic Ecology (International)
The Shenandoah Project (International)

Project dBPod – dolphin Bioacoustics Policy online database

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