Global Research + Arts Center for Investigation + Advancement of Sustainability Solutions


PLEASE SUPPORT GRACIASS with a tax-deductible donation!

Donate online (above) or send contributions by snail mail to:

Michelle’s Earth Foundation – GRACIASS
801 S. 25th St., Arlington, VA 22202

Make the check out to “Michelle’s Earth Foundation“/ For: “GRACIASS”

THANK YOU!! Our organization and programs are run by volunteers. Your contributions go directly to support integrative science-art-sustainability projects and events worldwide. Let us know if you’d like to get more involved!

What can you accomplish with your donation?

$10: Sponsor 5 kids to receive activity books to learn about the native wildlife of Cancun

$100: Sponsor production of a micro-documentary championing the efficacy of science-art projects

$1,000: Enable a multi-disciplinary, optimistic speaker to attend and inspire at a GRACIASS conference

$10,000: Establish an acoustic monitoring station in the ocean, to gather a full year of vital data on ecosystem health (with acknowledgments to you/your business in resulting publications)

$100,000: Endow an ongoing award to individuals or organizations promoting win-win environmental solutions


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