This project is about the effects of anthropogenic (human-generated) noise on dolphin behavior and physiology. Humans are very visually oriented, but marine animals live in a world of sound. In the ocean, light is absorbed quickly but sound travels far and four times faster than in air. Disruption of the underwater soundscape can have profound effects. 

dBPod is an interactive website/searchable database of documents relating to policies and research related to noise exposure and monitoring for both managed and wild dolphin populations. Topics include hearing tests, legal proceedings, public events, veterinary exams, behavioral training and other activities, shipping and marine reserve policies. 

The dBPod website is now live and open for feedback. Check it out and let us know what you like and what you think could be improved.Links:
dBPod website: 
Dolphin Bioacoustics Project – New Media Lab
NOAA draft acoustics guidelines