Global Research + Arts Center for Investigation + Advancement of Sustainability Solutions


Global Research and Arts Center
for Investigation and Advancement of Sustainability Solutions

GRACIASS brings together people from all over the world to:

– Network;

– Share insights;

– Explore innovative possibilities;

– Develop sustainable strategies;

– Promote realistic solutions.

GRACIASS is founded with the premise that sustainable solutions are possible and win-win-win: good for people, environment and economy.

Global: Ecosystems are all connected; solutions are all necessarily in a global context

Priority is populated coastal areas (where most humans live)

Research and Arts: Respect for natural systems can be fostered through mutual inspiration among disciplines

Priority is truly integrative projects combining art and science in all phases in which art perspectives not only explain and explore but also inform and lead

Center: Connections with other innovators are powerful and can help overcome feelings of helplessness

Priority is facilitating dialogue and collaboration by providing gathering places (including online)

Investigation and Advancement: Collection and dissemination of information are both important

Priorities are:
-minimally-invasive methods that collect large amounts of baseline data
-interactive educational outreach to children, teachers and policy makers

Sustainability Solutions: Humans are part of ecosystems; everything we do matters

Priorities are:
-focus on Solutions rather than Problems

-embrace “Respect, Restore, Replace” as the operative hierarchy
-remember, small actions can bring big changes
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Image credits:

Mandel zoom 11 satellite double spiral“. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

“Cancun rainbow” (c) Heather Spence

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